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Laminates are primarily used for “aggressive”, corrosive products or those that require additional processes such as cooking or hot fill.

Laminates can also offer a weld (un-peelable) seal and therefore are ideal for chemical-type products.

Certain laminates offer easy peel and are used for food packaging where the end user requires a good peel with a reduced risk of tearing the lid.

The use of aluminium laminates provides several advantages:
  • Total barrier against water vapour & oxygen transmission as well as light and aroma. This therefore makes it an ideal choice for sensitive and extended shelf life products
  • Option of no embossing
  • Logo embossing as well as standard patterns such as random grub and fine linen
  • Forming of recessed lids for special application such as ‘spoon-in-lid’, hot fill products and ‘easy location’ (see below)
  • Easy peel or weld seal applications
  • High product resistance
  • Improved puncture and tear resistance
  • Versatile and easy to use
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