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Lifting the Lid on
Before the launch of our shrink sleeves division, we drew upon the expertise of our sister company, Clondlakin Group Kirchberg (formerly Nyco), also part of the Clondalkin Group and the leading OPS shrink sleeve manufacturer in Europe.

Maggie Hoolahan led the manufacturing team in the shrink sleeve training exchange in Switzerland to make sure that the know-how was effectively transferred.

As volumes increase Maggie is responsible for the ongoing training in how to use the equipment and technology of new operators, who are selected internally from other functions within Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury. Maggie's team also visited us in Bury to help with the start up process.

£1 million was invested in our shrink sleeves department, which saw us purchase the latest technology including a DCM sleeving machine with hot melt adhesive application, temperature-controlled storage areas for raw materials, as well as a DCM Babycat inspection device that provides an ultimate check on the integrity of sleeve seams and allows the removal of any badly-printed products before delivery to the customer.

Why Shrink Sleeves?
Why Shrink Sleeves?We've invested over £1million in sleeve manufacturing in the past 2 years
Tool bank
Tool bankNo shape is too difficult
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