Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury is the new name for Chadwicks. Our shrink sleeves are used by some world renowned brands for a variety of applications. See how your products can benefit from our innovative, tailor-made shrink sleeves.

Full Body Sleeves
  • 360 deg. Top-to toe decoration
  • Shelf impact with high quality decoration
  • Decoration for complex container shapes with curvatures
  • Specialist heat activated adhesive applications for tapered containers
Promotional Sleeves
  • Point of sale appeal
  • Specialist  perforations for ease of opening
  • Promotions and  further information, reverse printed on the sleeve
  • Twin pack and on-pack promotions
Sleeve & Seal
  • 360 deg. Top-to toe decoration with tamper evidence
  • Specialist perforations to easily remove  only the  neck band
  • Take out the process of labelling
  • Extra protection to click  top lids
Digital Print
  • No minimum  order quantity
  • Saple and  trial run before committing to full production run
  • Real mock-up representation for customer approvals and marketing.

Contact us to find out how shinks sleeves can work for your brand’s products.
Why Shrink Sleeves?
Why Shrink Sleeves?We've invested over £1million in sleeve manufacturing in the past 2 years
Tool bank
Tool bankNo shape is too difficult
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