Tech specs

Gauge: .029 / .037 / .048 / .060

Random grub; fine linen; customer specific (logo). One way pin dot (Not available on .029 aluminium).

Materials available

Aluminium with heat seal lacquer – Primarily used for short shelf life products such as yoghurt, yellow fats, cream, etc (special lacquers are also available for more aggressive products such as cheese).

Aluminium with co-ex sealing layer – Extrusion coated materials do not use solvents in the heat seal layer and can therefore be considered more environmentally friendly than heat seal lacquered material.

The thin plastic sealing layer also offers ‘easy’ low temperature sealing and increased protection for aggressive products. Certain specifications are also suitable for hot fill and retort applications.

Surlyn (heat seal to glass co-ex) can also be used for sealing to both glass & tin.

Aluminium - Recessed Diaphragms can be manufactured using laminates, lacquer & co-ex materials.

Recess Diaphragms are primarily used in order to accurately locate on the sealing area of the container although there are other advantages such as the elimination of container paneling when packing hot-fill products.

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